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Friday, November 30, 2007
strap on my ear goggles and i'm ready to go
caught miss kitty sleeping this morning.
goggles 011

and v and i made some pinecone/peanut butter bird feeders.
goggles 025

then v found her goggles.
goggles 028

peanut butter face.
goggles 034

goggles 035

goggles 046

goggles 052

goggles 049

goggles 057
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Thursday, November 29, 2007
and now for something different
i didn't take this picture, my friend sanja did. this is sanja's daughter reese. she is quite the beauty, as you can plainly see. sanja sent me some of her thanksgiving photos yesterday and this picture was among them. i saw some cool photo potential there, so i cropped it square and applied some serious photoshop actions. :-) love it!

what do you think?

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still sick, but feeling a bit better
when i get sick, i like to sleep. when v gets sick, she likes to get up at 5am.

go figure.

cold morning 028

cold morning 016

cold morning 022
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
swinging_sick baby_new lens 065

swinging_sick baby_new lens 036

swinging_sick baby_new lens 062

swinging_sick baby_new lens 045
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Saturday, November 24, 2007
sort of a day trip
today r wanted to go see the l0st sea, which is an underground cave with a big pond inside. we went last year, when v was much smaller and more easily bribed into good behavior with goldfish crackers.

The Lost Sea - sort of 011
this is the tunnel that is the entrance to the cave.

The Lost Sea sort of 021
this is v in the gift shop after we decided to skip the tour because v wouldn't stop screeching when r wouldn't let her climb the walls of the cave.

The Lost Sea sort of 026
this is v while i tried to keep her occupied while r bought a coffee mug, postcard, and magnet.

The Lost Sea sort of 030
this is one of the many, many shots i took with all different sorts of setting combinations on my camera, trying to catch both the flare of sun coming through the trees and the gorgeous trees/forest floor. in this shot i got a pretty good picture of the forest, but not so great of the flare. what i think is cool is that i did not punch up the colors at all in photoshop (though i did a few other things) - these are the colors the camera captured.

The Lost Sea sort of 033
in this one, the flare is great but the forest is too dark.

The Lost Sea sort of 008
the turnstyle at the entrance to the tunnel.

so we tried to take the tour, but turned around before we got to the boats. they were really nice about it and gave us our money back, so i'd say we still had a good trip.

what i learned about my camera this week: that i can make the flash brighter or less bright. who knew? well, plenty of people did, but i didn't. in fact, if you have a good point and shoot you can probably do the same thing. it's really useful so that you can shoot indoors in darker conditions and not have people's faces be so bright white. or when shooting outside under a really bright sun - you can turn your flash on but turn it down so that the person's face won't be dark. i wish i'd known that when i was shooting these.
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Concord Park on Thanksgiving Day
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Thursday, November 22, 2007
happy thanksgiving
Concord on Thanksgiving Day 038 crop

Concord on Thanksgiving Day 058

Concord on Thanksgiving Day 076 crop

Concord on Thanksgiving Day 123

Concord on Thanksgiving Day 125

Concord on Thanksgiving Day 150

Concord on Thanksgiving Day 196

Concord on Thanksgiving Day 189
happy thanksgiving to you!
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christmas shopping for v?
so far, i've only had books on the list, but i'm adding a few toys that i know v would like for christmas to her amazon wishlist, just fyi.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
their names are pink baby & blue baby
babydolls 012

babydolls 020

babydolls 024

babydolls 029 crop

babydolls 043

babydolls 051
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finally decorating for thanksgiving
porch 010

porch 012
this is the extent of it. i'm not that good with the decorating, seasonal or otherwise.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
playing with photoshop
leaves 015 bren actions

leaves 007

leaves 003 bren actions
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Monday, November 19, 2007
dinner & stuff
today we went to the park and it was just beautiful. we gathered about 22 bright red maple leaves to "show daddy" when we got home. unfortunately, i didn't take my camera. we also met a nice mom with her 3 really nice kids all age 4 and under who actually looked more tired and worn out than i would've thought possible - and i know a lot about sleep deprivation.

after nap, we read a lot of books out on the porch.
dinner and stuff 018

dinner was good fun. we listened to some music and v entertained us by screaming and laughing "just like dido."
dinner and stuff 026

dinner and stuff 044

dinner and stuff 031
she was loud, but cute, with little flower stickers in her hair.
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Monday, November 12, 2007
i tried to narrow it down
here are photos from this weekend in georgia. we went down for v's family birthday party. these are all my favorites. i tried to narrow it down, but you know how it goes - they're all my favorite!

Number 2 001

Number 2 004

Number 2 005

Number 2 007 crop

Number 2 026

Number 2 013

Number 2 029

Number 2 037

Number 2 044

Number 2 047

Number 2 058

Number 2 049

Number 2 068

Number 2 073 crop

Number 2 083

Number 2 090

Number 2 100

Number 2 108
my brother & me.

Number 2 124
there is a fish in this picture...

Number 2 141

Number 2 164
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