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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
i was just remembering this morning - we play dan zanes cds all the time and at the show v recognized the songs she knows right off. when they played wonderwheel she said "baby's favorite song!" and when they played malti she said "mama's favorite song!" at first she sat on my lap and hid her face in my neck, but she eventually relaxed and started clapping "in time" with the music (kind of difficult for a recently turned 2-year-old) and she learned how to clap after each song. i took her down near the stage so she got to see everything up close. she was entranced.

i'd been trying to figure out how to teach her what "favorite" means and it seems using songs on a cd does the trick nicely. yesterday we went to the park (i have some pictures, i just haven't gotten around to them yet) and she didn't want to leave after an hour and a half (the weather was gorgeous - didn't even need a sweater) and i told her we'd get in the car and listen to dan zanes! and she was like, ok cool, let's blow this joint. who wants to swing when you can listen to music?
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